Discovering the Dane

The reason I’m changing my Instagram name is that for a really long time I’ve had difficulties aligning the current content with the other side of my personality that isn’t just travel and nature. Don’t get me wrong, I obviously love it, otherwise 90% of my feed wouldn’t consist of that.

However, I’ve felt this pressure to only upload content that is visually satisfying or showcasing beautiful destinations, landscape and whatever my followers expect, and I’ve found that I limit myself in order to live up to those expectations and not “annoy” people (yes, I’ve previously been very concerned about that. Take, for example, my five months in the US, where I uploaded 30-something photos – the same amount as from my 11-day Mexico trip). Sometimes, I want to just upload photos from my everyday life, such as food, fashion, interior, “stilleben” or whatever suits me – as well as travel related posts. Not that I’m going to compromise on quality, I still want to be able to stand by the content I upload, but I’ll just be adding a different style.

Lately, I’ve experienced a shift in priorities, which you’ve probably noticed. I used to rarely post pictures with myself in them, because I didn’t want people to think that I think too highly of myself. But I honestly don’t care anymore. I just want to do whatever makes me happy. And if that means posing on a palm tree in a bikini, that’s exactly what I’m going to do – as long as I have people who are willing to take those photos 😉

Another reason is that I’ve wanted to start a blog for so many years, which I’ve finally had the time to do, and I want to be able to make my Instagram go well with it.
Since I was diagnosed with stress, depression and anxiety, I’ve tried to focus more on my health. This is in part why I’ve taken the time to start up my blog – I want to have a hobby that I’m passionate about that helps me write more, be more active and take more photos.
The other reason is that I’ve wanted to write professionally since I was 10 years old. Having a blog is excellent practice and a suitable product to show future employers in the industry that I want to work in. In the long run, the dream is to be able to live off it, so it’s about time I get started.

Anyway, I don’t expect you to follow my blog (unless you actually want to, then I’d love it, of course). I’m still going to post stuff on Instagram that is blog-unrelated. I just thought I’d explain the name change – and to invite you to take part of the other side of my life, if you’re interested, of course.

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