My Photography Journey

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.

My father was the photographer of our family, and I guess I inherited that interest. The first (and last) photo I took with his analogue camera was of him. It turned out sharp enough, but there’s waaaay too much empty space. See for yourself below! 

(I’ve covered up his face, because it was taken a month before he died, and I didn’t realize how sick he looked, until I dug out the photo for this post)

I never really had the means to play around with photography after my father died (because my wicked stepmother wouldn’t let me have his camera), but when I was 20, I used up most of my tax return and bought my first DSLR: A Canon D500 with a standard 18-55 mm lens and a 55-210 mm one (sadly, the one I still use).

My interest in portraits probably stems from my obsession with famous people.

Anyway, I’ve spent years practicing now, going from an interest in portraits to landscape and then back to portraits and since added travel photography. I used to dream of having my landscape photos used for calendars and postcards, and I still think that would be pretty neat. Now, I dream more of doing travel photography and blogging about it, as mentioned in an earlier post

My interest in portraits probably stems from my early teens and my obsession with famous people. My room was plastered with posters, and I could literally spend hours looking at portraits and music videos on the Internet. I noticed how people and their faces were framed, and tried to replicate it myself.

My style now is very minimalist, I think. I’m into symmetry, shapes and open spaces, and dislike clutter, noise and nighttime photos. I like control, and I think it shows in my photos, but recently I’ve been a bit more experimental. Also, as recent as two months ago (!), I changed my shooting format from jpeg to raw. And what a new world that is! Editing has become a whole new ballgame.

Within the last few years, I’ve also added videography to my interests, and it started with the idea of making holiday videos from travels with my younger sister. I haven’t actually finished them yet, but I’ve made a few videos from the time I was studying in the US as well as from a couple of other trips.

I would love to go on photo-adventures with like-minded people.

I love that really famous quote by Aaron Siskind, that goes: “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” I think it pretty much sums up my love for photography – just add creating aesthetically pleasing images out of ordinary things to the list, and we’re there!

I’d love to take photography and videography more seriously, but I think it’s so difficult to do it alone. The motivation to get up and get out at 5am or travel hundreds of miles isn’t there when I’m by myself, and I don’t really know anyone who’s into photography. So, if you’re that someone, please get in contact! I would love to go on photo-adventures with like-minded people.

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