Social Media: Friend or Foe?

So often, I hear negative stuff about social media: it tears people away from the present, there’s cyber bullying going on to the extent that people kill themselves, some become depressed from comparing their “normal” lives to full-time bloggers’, and people are generally meaner to each other due to the screen between them that creates... Continue Reading →

When Reality Exceeds Expectations

Three years ago, when I was living in California, I watched the movie Aloha. While the movie wasn’t spectacular, one of the songs on the soundtrack was. The song was Vapour by Vancouver Sleep Clinic – a group I’d never heard of, but immediately became obsessed with. In fact, their first EP, Winter, was constantly on... Continue Reading →

Baring It All

I came to think that that was the only way to look pretty I started wearing makeup every day, when I was 12 years old. Just mascara and kohl, but now, even that seems crazy - I was only a child! Having first been a Spice Girl fan, then Charmed and MTV obsessed, my role-models... Continue Reading →

Discoveries Down-Under

After my stay in Ireland, my first home away from home, I went back to Denmark and worked at my distant family’s campsite in Copenhagen, which is only open three months a year; June, July and August. I’d done it the year before, when my uncle owned the place, and visited on a few other... Continue Reading →

Ode to Romsø

Some of the best memories I have with my family are the ones where we’ve been out sailing. While we never traveled overseas, we have, however, spent every summer at the same campsite since 1996. We started out having this tiny caravan that only had enough room for my older sister and me, and the... Continue Reading →

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