Ode to Romsø

Some of the best memories I have with my family are the ones where we’ve been out sailing.
While we never traveled overseas, we have, however, spent every summer at the same campsite since 1996. We started out having this tiny caravan that only had enough room for my older sister and me, and the other three slept in a tent (hehe). Over the years, we’ve gone through a number of different caravans, until my parents finally upgraded to one with three sleeping areas and a bathroom, while also buying a speed-boat. I guess not having any kids living at home makes room in the budget for those things 😉

The sunsets there are some of the best I’ve ever seen

The campsite is on the coast, so we went sailing whenever the weather was good – we still do. We have water-skis and a kneeboard, of which I can only muster the latter. My damn little-sister nailed both in first try, of course..
Anyway, there’s this little island, Romsø, off the coast with lots of wildlife and this one house with an appurtenant lighthouse, and people are allowed to go exploring during the day. We’ve gone to shore a couple of times, but mostly, we just sail out near the island and go fishing or swimming off the boat. The sunsets there are seriously some of the best I’ve ever seen, and we see porpoises (a type of dolphin) every time we’re out. I love this place so much that I’ve asked to have my ashes scattered there, when I die (sorry, if that’s a little too morbid!)

It was divine!

The month of May was pretty much like summer, and on one weekend there was no wind and barely a cloud in the sky, so we went fishing for codfish way out at sea. Even though we were far from shore and the water was 30-50 meters deep, there were no waves at all. When the engine was off, there wasn’t a single sound to be heard. It was divine! Sadly, it was way too cold to go swimming. After all, it’s only May (I nearly cramped just walking the 20 meters from shore and onto the boat).

Here’s the boat from my drone – not sure why the water looks so green!

When we got back to shore, I took my drone to the beach to shoot the coastline, and I was lucky enough to have a porpoise play around very close by. Not only was the water much clearer than I had ever dreamed of, I was ecstatic to be able to catch the porpoise on camera. The only thing that could’ve made this day better was a massive soft serve ice cream with sprinkles 😀

If you ever visit this part of Denmark, you should definitely go here. I mean, just look at it!

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