When Reality Exceeds Expectations

Three years ago, when I was living in California, I watched the movie Aloha. While the movie wasn’t spectacular, one of the songs on the soundtrack was. The song was Vapour by Vancouver Sleep Clinic – a group I’d never heard of, but immediately became obsessed with. In fact, their first EP, Winter, was constantly on repeat and quickly became the soundtrack of my stay in Long Beach.

I loved falling asleep by the pool with their music in my ears, but one of the most memorable moments I have is when I went on a whale-watching cruise by myself and listened to their music, while wales were throwing themselves into the air. It gave me chills and made my eyes well up, and I will never forget that moment.

Since then, they’ve released a full album, another EP and a few singles, and their music just keeps getting better and better. So, naturally, I was thrilled to find out that they were coming to Copenhagen to support Angus & Julia Stone on their European tour over the summer and immediately bought a ticket.

I invited them out for a beer after their show

I’d previously been in contact with VSC: Once, when I was drunk and replied to one of their stories on Instagram (and made a fool out of myself), and another time, when they let a selected few people listen to their EP before it was released. Finally, a few weeks prior to the show, they put up a post on Instagram saying that they were willing and free to hang out with whoever wanted to, so I invited them out for a beer after their show in Copenhagen.
To my surprise, they said yes.

Poster at the venue

On the day of the concert, I went to the venue after work. A few people were standing in the front row, but kindly let me get ahead of them, because I promised to be gone by the time the main band went on stage. Shortly after, Vancouver Sleep Clinic appeared and began with a song from their first EP, and it evoked all the feels within me. Tears may or may not have filled my eyes – guess you’ll never know 😉

After an amazing performance, we agreed to meet up outside the venue. Only Tim, the lead singer, showed up and greeted me with a hug, and together we walked toward a bar that some people at the show had recommended. Tim was so down-to-earth, nice and polite and asked questions about Denmark and me. When I’m nervous, I either talk a lot or say nothing at all. Luckily (or unfortunately for him), I could not stop talking.

We ended up bar-hopping until four in the morning

I ordered organic IPAs from Nørrebro for both of us, and he commented on how funny it was that I was able to switch between the languages so smoothly. He wanted me to teach him a Danish word, and the word he chose was “shit” (boys will be boys).
We sat down, and he didn’t mind me asking questions about him, the band and their music, so I had my curiosity well fed. Although, naturally, more questions have appeared afterwards.

We finished our beers after a while, and Tim had to go back to the venue to help the band pack up and greet whoever wanted to. He suggested that we could get another beer if I wouldn’t mind waiting around, and who in their right mind would say no to that?

We somehow ended up bar-hopping until four in the morning, with each bar being worse than the previous one. We talked about getting tattoos, but no parlors were open – it was a Sunday night after all.

Had to introduce Tim to the beer from my hometown, Odense!

I feel like we talked a little bit about everything: Love, family, music, happiness, cooking, travels – even religion. He showed me pictures of his parents and his dog, all of whom I’ve forgotten the names of, and his driver’s license with a picture that doesn’t look anything like him. He asked to read one of my blog posts, and I let him.

I was so moved by his certainty that I began to cry

While on the topic, Tim perfectly explained what makes him a firm believer in Jesus and God, and how his faith gives him comfort and hope in life. I was so moved by his certainty that I began to cry. After all, I’ve been struggling with those big questions for as long as I can remember, and I guess I wish I felt that certain about anything at all.

Have you ever had that feeling of really connecting with someone? Like you’ve known the person for ages and you can talk about anything and everything and it never gets weird? When conversation flows, and you have the same humor and interests, and you just understand each other and could be best friends? That’s how it was with Tim. I could’ve talked to him for days.

Snuck in a little photo, while Tim was finding answers to a discussion about sarcasm and coffee

However, my little cry fest sort of killed the mood, and I was pretty drunk by then, so I suggested we called it a night. As we were walking back to the venue, where my bike was parked, Tim offered me his jacket as it was freezing cold, and I was only wearing a dress. I asked a random dude to take a picture of us before we said our goodbyes, and I’m pretty sure I cried the whole bike-ride home, while listening to VSC’s (at the time) latest single, Silver Lining.

This is one of the only experiences in my entire life that I couldn’t have dreamed any better, and I am so, so grateful. I could’ve been without the ensuing hangover, though.

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