Dear 13-Year-Old Me

Never take anything for granted - having more won't make you happier You are as good as anyone else – believe in yourself Choose quality over quantity – especially when it comes to beauty products Not everyone will like you – and that is absolutely okay Don't take everything so seriously - it's okay to... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Stranger

My grandfather died this winter, as the last one of my grandparents. He was 85 and outlived his eldest son – my father - even though he was an alcoholic and had been for almost his entire adult life. My grandmother kicked him out due to his substance abuse ages ago, and thus, I remember... Continue Reading →

Money Makes People Mad

The first time I ever encountered the effect money has on people was when I was 13 years old, and my father had just died. He died of cancer, so his death was anticipated - albeit incredibly heartbreaking for my sister and me. He had a girlfriend, but their relationship wasn’t that serious. They’d been... Continue Reading →

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