Dear 13-Year-Old Me

  1. Never take anything for granted – having more won’t make you happier
  2. You are as good as anyone else – believe in yourself
  3. Choose quality over quantity – especially when it comes to beauty products
  4. Not everyone will like you – and that is absolutely okay
  5. Don’t take everything so seriously – it’s okay to make a fool of yourself
  6. You are smarter than you think – don’t underestimate any type of intelligence
  7. Keep following your heart – there is plenty of time to make mistakes
  8. You will learn to love your family – appreciate the lessons you learn from them
  9. Animals are living creatures with as many rights to life as humans – do not cause them harm
  10. Stop comparing yourself to others – each one to their own
  11. Enjoy the little things – not all adventures are extraordinary
  12. Treat other people better – never be the cause of someone’s heartache
  13. Work harder on things that matter – spend less time on things that don’t
  14. Lower your expectations of other people – not everyone wants what’s best for you
  15. This planet wasn’t made for you – respect nature and restrain your impact on the environment
  16. Your passion can become a way of life – never stop practicing
  17. Spend more time with your grandparents – they will not be around for long
  18. Life is too short for diets – eat whatever you want, but with a conscious mind
  19. Say no to things you don’t want to do – agreeing to everything will wear you out
  20. Feeling everything so deeply hurts – but it can also be beautiful
  21. Don’t judge your thoughts – acknowledge that they are there and let them be
  22. Do things in your own time – there is no set timeline for things to be completed
  23. Trust your intuition – you are almost always right
  24. It’s perfectly okay to be different – embrace it, value it, take advantage of it
  25. Never settle – you deserve what’s best for you

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