Tattoos: Taint or Trademark?

When you look at me or meet me for the first time, you’d probably never guess that I have a lot of tattoos (unless you could see them, of course). But I do. I have twenty tattoos spread all over my body; primarily on my arms and legs. They’re all relatively small, so they’re easy... Continue Reading →

Memories of Møn

Having previously been preoccupied with visiting places overseas, my cousin (the one who’s been my best friend since we were kids) and I decided to see a bit of our own country, namely Møns Klint. We rented a car, booked a place to sleep and drove off. The Cliffs of Møn are situated in the... Continue Reading →

Trip to Tuscany

If images of vineyards, tall cypress trees and hilltop fortresses don’t appear in your mind when I say Tuscany, there’s something very wrong. Tuscany is famous for its hilltop towns, where you enter through gates in their surrounding walls and stroll through narrow alleyways to open squares. Since the towns have been around since the... Continue Reading →

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