When Reality Exceeds Expectations

Three years ago, when I was living in California, I watched the movie Aloha. While the movie wasn’t spectacular, one of the songs on the soundtrack was. The song was Vapour by Vancouver Sleep Clinic – a group I’d never heard of, but immediately became obsessed with. In fact, their first EP, Winter, was constantly on... Continue Reading →

Dear Lord… or Dear Oprah?

The whole Bible-thing is just nonsense to me I’m not sure that I’ve ever believed in God. Yes, I’ve prayed for many things, and those prayers were most likely directed at God, but I don’t believe that there is an Almighty person responsible for anything. The whole Bible-thing is just nonsense to me. I’m aware... Continue Reading →

Introduction to INSPIRATION

Oh, so I think I’m inspirational? Nah, not really, but maybe I can inspire you anyway.. My family used to tease me about being a bookworm. But you know what? I don’t care! I once wrote an essay about my love of reading (including theory about literacy), and I got an A, so screw them.... Continue Reading →

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