Discoveries Down-Under

After my stay in Ireland, my first home away from home, I went back to Denmark and worked at my distant family’s campsite in Copenhagen, which is only open three months a year; June, July and August. I’d done it the year before, when my uncle owned the place, and visited on a few other... Continue Reading →

Ode to Romsø

Some of the best memories I have with my family are the ones where we’ve been out sailing. While we never traveled overseas, we have, however, spent every summer at the same campsite since 1996. We started out having this tiny caravan that only had enough room for my older sister and me, and the... Continue Reading →

A Home Away From Home

I just needed to get away and do something completely different If you’ve read my Introduction to Travel, you’ll know that I used to live in Ireland. It was right after high school, so I was only 19 at the time. I knew I wasn’t ready to keep studying, and in fact, I didn’t even... Continue Reading →

Introduction to TRAVEL

My family has always been relatively poor, so the only times I’ve been abroad with them were for two work-stays of about six months each in Norway and Sweden when I was a toddler, and one drive to Spain when I was around four (all of which I don’t remember). However, here are pictures of... Continue Reading →

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